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Advanced money testimonials

“I have to share…

This week after the first holiday with the whole family I had a feeling of heaviness…two days where I was not at ease and something felt stuck in me…

I decided that I’ll listen to the recording of the Fundamentals with you, Sharona,
And so, after an hour and a half of listening, the change happened
The ease came back in happiness and joy…

I went out with a friend to drink and to celebrate, we met new people
The next day the ease continued and it was amazing.

So, it’s true that our brain (or us) tells us many lies, a heaviness that suddenly doesn’t let us be free and at ease.
And thanks to the tools that I got, I deconstruct the lies and the heaviness much faster!

I understood after the Advanced Money workshop the fact that buying a house caused me a heavy feeling, I simply didn’t operate I only thought how I will obtain the money and what I will do to buy the house,
And the moment I decided to let go of the house and give up on this purchase, I am more at ease! There is no

heaviness and there are no thoughts that don’t let you breathe.

New things can enter and allow me to be in a receiving mode.

So, to anyone who hasn’t yet experienced or done the Fundamentals
I highly recommended it, I make use of the tools all the time and in every aspect of my life!

It’s fun and it leads to a happier life and the reality truly does change!!

And anyone who’d like to ask me questions privately is welcome to…

Thank you Sharona, a lot is thanks to you and thanks to your knowledge and the tools that you taught me, and that you never gave up on me!!

You are always echoing in my thoughts…

And oops, I posted my first Access post with such ease and I already have someone who came from the post…how fun it is to be beyond any imagination and to believe and always ask, and it really does happen.”

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