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“I don’t work for anybody, no, no…”

Do you know the feeling?
I always had the need to give, I identified within me a pattern of pleasing, of serving. Serving in order to get recognition. Although I claimed that I don’t work for anybody…I was a slave, serving for any kind remark, for any experience of receiving, for recognition…

With time, the awareness methods that I gained slowly freed me from the need to prove something, they strengthened within me the confidence in who I am, in what I am, in the gift I am to the world.

The pattern of pleasing and service remained.

Until in the last course that I went through, I understood so many things, among them the difference between in service compared to of service.

To serve in the sense of serving. Compared to of service, to be a service.

When choosing to serve, one essentially shuts down the self will and devotes himself to someone else’s will. Why? In every thing there is a hidden gain for us. For me, a need/urge to be accepted, valued.

In a situation like this you aren’t really in an area of free choice. When you choose to be of service, the area of choice stays open. The choice stays in my hands when to give the service that I am…I am the service; I am of service to the other. And in the act of granting that I am in the service that I am to you, I get empowered. My light shines brighter…also yours…

And yes, everything ties to the point of view…what reality did you create for yourselves?

A reality of in- service or a reality of being the service that you are to the world?

What feels light? What feels heavy?

What do you choose from n o w?

I choose from now to be of service to all who chooses to change the reality of their life.
To anyone who asks questions, to anyone that is on a path and is pondering what’s next…to anyone that chooses to ruin without recreating old bonds that created the reality as it is right now.

To anyone who is searching. To anyone that understood that he belongs to the seekers that search how it can get better than this? When they reach the good, they search for more of all this good…and don’t stop.
Because they know, deep in their hearts, that there is more good, a place where you release the struggle, the suffering, the drama, and the karma…

You will ask the question, and together we will summon the realm of possibilities that will allow you to choose the change. It’s all about choice. Simple.
Because it’s about time to act and to open up to a reality of larger consciousness.
In Vienna I chose in life again. I released old bonds I was freed from choices I made to experience life through continuous pain. The healing came, in a matter of seconds the change was felt in every cell I since sense, that the reality is setting the
cards for me from the beginning…

And I devote myself.

Devoted to discovering the strength that is awakening within me…so soon, when the time will come, remember that I am here, of your service. Of service of the quantum entanglement and the creator to be a change that the world is asking to be through us. How does it get any better than that? 

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