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“Fog covered the ocean…”

On the way into the ocean and back you can’t see a thing,
The ocean is covered with a cold and humid fog
Without glasses, I discover
That I see everything, better…weird.

And while I row, experiencing the magic of the quiet from out and from within, the clarity with which I see the area close to me,
The understanding becomes so clear…
When outside it is foggy and unclear
Inside, from the quiet, the clarity is awaken.

In many methods I learned, it was said to ask for clarity about a subject that isn’t clear to us, from the creator, from the creation, from myself…

Today I understand that there isn’t really release by asking that something or someone will show us clarity…

The act of asking comes from our need for control, of knowing and understanding everything that happens around us and within us. From fear of losing control. To get an answer, a conclusion…

Today the awareness of “everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be” is clearer
The striving for clarity,

Closes us in a sphere of conclusion

With the hope that at some point, at the right time the answer will come…

And what if the answer is always laying by us here and now?

Under our nose?

And all that one needs to do is to simply go into the area of fog, to see better?

When asking and requesting clarity, we split ourselves from the topic – “something that is not clear to me is happening…doesn’t fit my system of expectations…with what I imagined or I am used to happening…”
Imagine you are in front of a mirror

Dive into the experience of the happening “Just tap into the energy”
Sit in it without judgement

Then you will know, in your inner knowledge that knows everything, that is connected to us being an endless entity without need to explain…you will simply know that at every given moment
The answer already exists within you.

How does it feel for you, light? Heavy?

The truth always creates an area of easiness…so from now choose to be
Present in every moment, every experience, feeling, how everything that used to be complex, turns simple.

What do you choose? And how does it get any better than that?

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