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"Hi Sharona, I wanted to thank you for teaching the material in the “How to become money” course in an exceptional way, that caused for a massive mental change in me. Old thoughts and definitions evaporated and now instead of them I have a light and easy life energy with the knowledge that everything is alright and everything is good. And from a place of having, I will add what else is possible. There is no more room for not having, for wanting, for needing, for why…you in your wisdom and unique personality are a gift, a healing, an empowerment, you’re the best. Thank you for everything and have a “blessed” journey".

“Hi sweetheart, it’s a bit weird not to talk to you every day…so I write you…the status of my course has been upgraded and there are people enrolling! Wow, this is me what else is possible??”
“My course starts in one hour, last week at this exact hour we were in the money course and there were 0 people enrolled…and 15 minutes ago someone signed up at the last minute and now the course has 15 people!!!"
"Yes, Access works! And Sharona you are amazing with your determination that you project!! I remember the course and start laughing. You managed to wake up my inner me!!”
“On ego games and finding consciousness…

I met Sharona during a fundamentals course of Access Consciousness…that’s where the idea for some type of cooperation was born…
A number of weeks after that Sharona contacted Osnat Kirstein with the knowledge that she could help her and us with the tools she has and the workshops she conducts.
Here, somewhere, a button was pressed in me. I felt a shrink and the mind took over my consciousness. Some would call it the ego button. Who is this Sharona, that knows that we need help? And that she is what we need…
The idea turned into a vision and a reality and something in me didn’t fit as much.
Furthermore, Osnat returned and offered me to remain open and to allow myself to experience, from her own gut feeling, that Sharona will be a gift for us…
Disclosure – I went through the first part of the workshop still under the effect of my ego, listening/not listening, present/absent and mainly with a lot of doubt and cynicism…with time, in a fascinating way, engulfing, interesting and practical, Sharona touched me.
I was able to discover how slowly but surely, I shed layer after layer of protection and resistance.
I was able to see the change existing in me so strongly in a way that I’ve never seen.
I was present.
I was there.
I existed.
I experienced.
No. Sharona doesn’t caress you. No. Sharona doesn’t talk to you softly just so you feel comfortable.
No. She doesn’t apologize.
She aims to show you the change that you are.
She will be tough when she needs to.
She will be assertive and decisive when she needs to.
She will be.
Every single one of you, the moment you will meet your Sharona will recognize the ability for a change that he himself creates within. Today I woke up with the deep awareness that my knowledge, my ability, and my capability are already here for a long time…
It was only a change of point of view.
Of opening an endless realm of opportunity wherein I’ll play, create, will be and do whatever I wanted whilst truly connected to who I am.
Today I woke up with the wonderful awareness that I am a gift for myself and for anyone who chooses so.
How does it get any better than that?
All this kept me speechless…thank you."

“My dear…my sweetheart!!
I am immensely grateful!!!
I feel a great change in my life. Air that is flowing in new parts and a voice that comes out of deep places.
I feel ease and excitement! It’s a joy to wake up and to be complete calm and that everything is alright and it doesn’t matter what because I have myself!!! My strong and amazing self in every moment because I can simply choose it whenever I want!!
Since 9th grade till today I have been in a variety of treatments. Running from one consciousness workshop to the next praying for the cure. For something to relax the damaged girl inside me and to fill in the hole…for a magical medicine that will give me physical and emotional peace. My whole life waiting for assurances from my surroundings and depended on the interpretations and self-criticisms.
This is the first time I feel total peace in my system. Control of the situation and an inner knowledge that everything depends only on me! At every given moment. I am the screenwriter, director, and producer of the movie of my life and the drama is going to change!!! My dear, I have never met a teacher for life such as you! You are strong and authentic and you teach the material so deeply, clearly, and piercingly and you cause an earthquake that makes the difference!! I didn’t come to you to get another good massage, I came because I new that with you I have a real chance for change!! And it is really happening!! So what else is possible? How does it get even better than that? Woooow this is me!!! Thank you."
"I want to thank Sharona Hadar Houri from the bottom of my heart
On an empowering experience of a “thorough cleansing” of beliefs related to money –
That I happily learned in the “how to become money” workshop.   
I feel that the workshop is continuing to do its work within me and in my surroundings-
Exciting and touching changes are opening and happening (and not only in the business aspect!).
Sharona is a special teacher – I don’t really know how to define in words a combination of intelligence, strength, sensitivity, an amazing healing ability, complete belief in what she doing, and simply personal charm”! Mary Maor
“I was exposed to Access half a year ago in my first “ How to become money” course. The language and the ease instantly opened me to the method and my breathing changed! The air entered my body differently…just like after using an inhaler…
I also learned the Bars and this week I went through the “How to become money” course another time after feeling the need for more easiness, for another release.
Additionally, in between, I finished my Feng Shui studies with Sharona and started the Destiny & Choice course that combined the four pillars of destiny together with Access Consciousness. My DNA changes, the world gets new colors, and the new path is laying before me. Wow this is me!! What else is possible???
Thank you Sharona for being you! For your heart! For your supportive hug, for your endless knowledge and your electrifying excitement that never ends!!
I am deeply grateful for the privilege of being a platform for change, to remind anyone that chooses that you know, and that you know that you know…"
What does your future ask from you to be and to do now?
This is what my future asked from me…:
When you spend a large amount of money, we resonate to the creation that we know that we are of value and so the creation resonates back the value she thinks of us, which is always much more than what we think of us..
An amazing insight I had recently…the wonders of the ways of the creation

For those following and interested…
To whoever wants to know how?
How do you create such an experience, sharing from the heart, also when it’s long, it’s worth reading…the posts that I upload are lessons in consciousness. For those that choose to be conscious.
Recently I chose to go through an intensive course, life changing and very expensive, to become certified as an Access Consciousness facilitator.  Why and what is it…I’ve shared and will share with you in the next parts.
I chose this process from a deep source of knowledge that this is the exact way for me to act now.
The price wasn’t small at all – to leave the family alone, to leave the burden on the shoulders of my dear spouse, not to work, not to support financially, to spend on myself a huge amount of money for the first time…a decision that isn’t obvious at all
On the other hand, this decision was the simplest and easiest in my life. I followed my inner awareness, I experienced in my heart that this is the path that my endless existence is aimed to, expands to…and in seconds I enacted all that was needed from me to implement my vision of becoming a certified facilitator…
Without self judgement, without drama and with the support of Edi and the girls.
As simple as that, it is what it is.
I went at it.
I was in Rome, I was in New York, I participated again in the fundamentals course, I implemented the whole long list of requirements and read all the books…
I committed myself to the vision and my inner awareness and did everything necessary to realize and to be realized.
Two months went by. I hardly worked during this time…I invested 50,000 shekels in myself, a huge amount for me to invest in myself…and surprise surprise…
I found out that the money in those two months continued flowing without me even asking, or working…
Almost as if I was working…
And then I realized
That I trained my “receiving” muscle…
I valued myself, I invested in myself and I broadcasted to the creation that I know that I have value…
And the creation resonated back…immediately…how great it is to be in cooperation with the creation, what prosperity, what else is possible?
How does it get any better than that?
When we invest a large amount, we are resonating to the creation that we know that we have value and so the creation resonates the value, and much more in return. 

How to become money - Recomandations


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